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2018 Jeep Cherokee Latitude - No key fob Remote Start Capable???

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Have a customer asking to install remote start with Long range RF remote on above car. She does have power door locks inside but the key she received when purchasing vehicle is just a normal key without buttons for unlock and lock. Just an old school metal key . Will a evo-one or evo all with RF kit still work ? I would assume all the can bus is still the same correct?
asked Aug 18 in Jeep by Amit Gajjar (630 points)
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"Latitude" is a trim level not a model, that being said depending on the model, yes an evo-one or evo-all with remotes could work.
answered Aug 18 by Derek (186,660 points)
Hi Sorry meant to put Jeep Cherokee Latitude. So programming will be the same steps as intelligent key?

Now that you edited your post:

2018 cherokee standard key you would need the following for remote start and keyless entry:

1- Evo-Chrt6

2- Flash link updater

3- RF kit (


This would be the installation guide: