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Activation code already used: what can I do?

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Hi there,


I purchased a used Golf R 2018 which had an Evo Start 2 remote system already installed (your app & system look great by the way, I cannot wait to try them!).

However, when I tried to pair my iPhone to the Evo in the Evo-Start 2 app with the activation code (written behind the module), it said the following message: "Invalid Code - This code has already been used. Contact the vehicle owner to generate a new one".

However, I have no contact with the previous vehicle owner as I purchased it from a car dealership (and I have been contacting the dealership for 2 weeks about this but they don't reply to me...).


Is there any way to "unpair" the current user so that I can pair myself as I am the current owner of the car now? I also don't want the previous owner to be able to know where my car is parked and to unlock it if he wants to...


Many thanks in advance!

PS: I have no programming experience at all or harness connecting/manipulating.
asked 1 week ago in Volkswagen by Pierre De Welle (200 points)

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You will need to do one of the 2 following options in regards to the antenna/activation code.


1- Contact the dealership, ask them to either contact the previous owner or forward their information to you. As the previous owner is the one who has the activation code locked to his e-maill account as only he can transfer ownership of said antenna/account to you.


2- Purchase a new evo-start antenna and have it paired to the module and create an account.
answered 1 week ago by Derek (182,540 points)
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Hi Derek,


Thanks for the quick answer!

If I go with option 1, is there an article or procedure that I could share with the previous owner that explains how to transfer ownership of the antenna/account?


I guess there are no ways for you guys to transfer the ownership if I can give you a proof of the ownership of the car?

Thank you Derek,
The previous owenr of the vehicle would simply download the evo-start2 app into his phone, log in using the email and password he created, go into garage, swipe to the left on the vehicle and click edit, then click transfer vehicle ownership. This then generates a new code for you. The new code is good for 15 minutes. Or, he can delete the car from his account which would make the original code functional again

I cannot transfer the antenna only the owner (person who bought the antenna) can do that.
Thank you very much Derek! :)