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Flickering Dash/Instrument lights after install.

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After installing a Fortin Evo One on a 2020 Kia Soul Standard Key with T harness, I am getting flickering illumanation lights and the rear veiw camera is intermittently working. If I unplug the canbus wire to the Evo one, everything returns to normal. The remote starter appears to operate like it should, I am able to remote start from OEM fob, and a Revo 5 button. Also am able to take over remote start with key. and I do have brake supervision. I was able to flash the Evo one with the most recent software. Please assist if you have some insight. I have double checked to make sure I have wired the canbus wiring according to the sheet. I have not wired in a realy and cut, From my understanding that is only so I can use my OEM remotes while engine is running, or is that the cause of my issue?
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So my mystery has been solved, it ended up being the EVO unit itself, I purchased another EVO One, and it plugged it into my existing harness and it is now working without the flicker. Thanks for all of the sugestions, and tips. This will be the first Fortin product, I have ever encountered an issue with. all of othe others I have installed, have went in without a hitch..
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Are you using t-taps on those CAN wires?
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Originally I tried positaps, and went back in and stripped and spliced into the canbus wires. Unfortunately that did not correct the issue. I have not added the relay yet (waiting for shipping on them) you think that would help?
If the connection labeled Cut2 is not done yet, but Cut1 is,  I would suggest rejoining the one labelled Cut1 until both are done.


The CAN wires, all 4, should be metered (Vdc) directly at the EVO connector and directly on the car. This is to confirm stable connection.


Also, redo the ground. odd behaviors like that are often times related to the ground connection.
I wen't back and respliced and soldered all connections, added the relay and did the TPMS cut over. And still have the flickering. I can now use my OEM remote while the engine is running via remote start..  Changed the ground location to a factory ground near the door frame.  Same issue :(

I would suggest checking your park light connector.

Also try removeing the parking light connections between evo and vehicle and see how it reacts.

The parking light  wire was my first thought as well, it has since been removed.  Unfortunately, I am still experiencing the flickering issue. It has to have something do with CanBus, the only tome the flickering is present is when it's plugged in.  Debating about trying to grab a can wire from ODBII connector. I'm assuming one should be there. Thank you for all your responses

What is the 12 digit service number of the module?

Is this vehicle equipped with a chipped key?


Those CAN network are not available at the OBD. Maybe try this. 

RESET the bypass of EVO-ONE then reprogram. During programming, pay attention to the LEDs. They should react exactly like in the guide. Specifically at step 5 when the blue led is flashing, no other leds should be on. 


Reset found here:


If issue persists, and you have the Flash Link handy, downgrade the firmware and try again. If downgrading firmware works, please send a report from within the flash link. 

I will try the reset when I get back home. The SN is 002b04 059823 the vehicle did not have an EMS wire present in the drivers side kick panel
I tried the reset, and key programing cycle again. still have the same flickering dashlights/intermitten rear camera function still. I also tried a diffrent firmware as well. Sadly, still experiancing the same issue.