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Request: Pin or socket photos of THAR TOY-13

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I'm installing an EVO-ALL into a 2019 Corolla Hatchback using a TOY-13 harness.  The harness is labeled TY70, and the connections to the factory ECU harness in the driver-side floorboard have different plug shapes.

If someone has a THAR TOY-13 and can take a photo of harness connectors that plug in between the blue and white/gray sockets, I would appreciate it.  Either the box I received was mislabeled, or Fortin's website is wrong.

(post as answer with photos or links to photo hosting ****, please)

Thank you!

asked 3 weeks ago in Toyota by Sandy Sansing (200 points)

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TOY13 is the right harness and will be labeled TY70.


The two connectors on the car are located here:
answered 2 weeks ago by Robb (236,080 points)
selected 2 weeks ago by Sandy Sansing
Thanks Robb!  The instructions appeared to show the T-harness plugging into the ECU Junction block instead of the directly into the ECU.
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Click on the image to enlarge it and get a better view of the connectors. 

answered 3 weeks ago by Derek (182,540 points)
I've seen that picture.  I actually need to see the pinout.

You can cross reference the pin out of the t-harness using the hardwired installation guide: