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does not turn on by pressing locks three times

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hello, i am installing evo one in a golf with standard swich but it does not turn on with the control by pressing lock three times it only activates the parkin leds relay, the module does not turn on the blue led when i press lock it only turns on by pressing unlock it could help me. perform with THAR-VW2 connector



asked 1 week ago in Volkswagen by josue zepeda (210 points)

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What is the vehicle you are working on?


What is the S/N to the module?
answered 1 week ago by Derek (179,950 points)
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It is a volkwagen golf 2018 standar key ,Service No. 002B07 266581
Starter Vr: 7.1.21
Evo All Vr:2.4.18
Date 05/2018
Turning the car on and pressing the key three times activates the relay and the key can be removed and the car stays on, with the key out I press three times and turn off the engine, but it does not start by pressing lock 3 times on the control,  I have doubts with the yellow cable ignition out, all the others I am sure are well installed, I hope you can advise me thanks.
Are you sacrificing a key or doing the install with a tb-vw?

Also, what is the manufacteur date of your vehicle? This can be found on the drivers door sil area on the placcard.
Good day, I am working sacrificing the code, the production date of the vehicle is September 20, 2017, I only have doubts with the yellow cable ignition out can support me where the connection goes I worked with the guide 86581 automatic vehicle with THARW2
if you put a key in the ignition does the car then remote start with 3x lock?
Also did you cut the yellow loop on the module for automatic transmission?
It does not start by placing it and pressing 3X, when I start the engine manually I press 3X and the key can be removed and the engine remains on and with the key pressing 3X I can turn it off the yellow cable and cut it, the one that I have doubt is ignition out yellow.
All VW and Audi should be set to Lock-Unlock-Lock and NOT 3xLock.
already set with lock / unlock / lock but still not working, led lights Blue when pressed unlock and when pressed lock not turn on this is normal or should turn on long as Press?