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Need Another Harness for EVO ONE since Frist One was Destroyed

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I have the EVO ONE installed, SN: 002B04 010831. I also installed the EV0 9 2-Way RF Kit. Today I went to move the RF antenna and wire to mount it on the windshield. When I moved the EVO One module under my dash, two wires in the EVO One harness must have shorted (12 V and Gnd most likely) and caused some of the wires to melt and get destroyed. I dont think the module is damaged. I was able to hook up the FORTIN programmer and read memory and even update the firmware to 1.25. But I need a new EVO One harness. I think I can reinstall everything back to normal with a new harness.

Can you supply one and what would be the cost?


Tom Miller
asked 2 weeks ago in Ford by Tom Miller (130 points)

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Make sure to properly isolate any unused wiring. 


I would suggest contacting distributors or your resellers, point of purchase, for just the harness.


answered 2 weeks ago by Robb (234,180 points)