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Buick regal 2016 rf912 lock & unlock not work

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i have RFK-912 and EVO-ALL with THAR-GMT6 standalone installation for buick regal 2017

having some issues with G option off pressing on RFK912 Remote lock and remote start the car, but not unlocking, only sound is coming 2 horns, but doors never open, and when i remote start the car then remote stop, car doors open then after 5 seconds it closes
 Then when i make G option ON, remote start only works but lock and unlock cannot be done at all from RFK912 only sound is coming as if order recieved but no real action is being done, and when i press for remote start and vehicle is started and then try to stop it by remote stop, car stops and open the doors and never close it automatically, i have to use the original car remote to close it
can you tell me what is wrong? or any other connections needed ?
asked Jun 10 in Buick by mohamed sayed (240 points)

1 Answer

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What is the S/N to the module?
answered Jun 15 by Derek (180,290 points)