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Accessories or radio does not turn on with remote start- fortin evo one t-harness

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My accessories i.e. radio, usb plug in do not turn on with remote start. I sit in with and turn key in ACC, radio and accessories turn on. Once I turn the key in IGN, SRS airbag light stays on. I believe once accessories and radio are able to turn on with remote start, SRS airbag light issue will resolve. I have the T-harness, mycar and long range remote as well. How do i wire this up so accessories, radio and even A/C turn on with remote start?
asked Jun 7 in Toyota by Hugh Gayman (130 points)

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what is the 12 digit service number of the evo-one?


That installation does not power up accessory. Powering accessory would actually prevent the car from remote starting. It powers up 2 ignitions (when setup corrrectly).

If you are not getting A/C which is on ignition, and also that the Air bag is turning on, there is most likely a problem with how both ignition signals are being powered. This would mean either function 2 is not properly setup in the remote starter and/or there is an issue with the ignition harness. And/or possibly simpply a bad ground...
answered Jun 10 by Robb (234,180 points)
Thank you Robb,

Yes AC turns on on ignition, but SRS airbag light stays on even with key takeover, brake pedal pressed and continuing to drive. I have to shut it down a few seconds and restart with key turn on IGN to have SRS light to turn off. MOst likely bad ground?