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New install. Will not start. Evo-One and Evo-Start 2

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Just installed the Evo-One and Evo-Start 2. Programmed the key-bypass and confirmed all good. Also programmed the Evo-Start 2 ant to the Evo-One. When I press the start button in the Iphone app it says sending start command. I can see the ant recieving the signal by the lights flashing on it but the Remote starter does nothing. Same with the "lock" and "unlock" in the app.

Installed in a 2015 Nissan Frontier Pro 4X with the Niss 5 T harness.

Would anyone know what I could have missed? And also could I use my OEM remotes to start the vehicle or would I need to purchase the remote for the Evo-Start 2?
asked Jun 7 in Nissan by Dave Bergman (130 points)

1 Answer

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Is your antenna in mode 2 ? When first connecting it, it flash blue 1 time per second, you press once, and it will flash twice per second, now you hold it until light is solid green. After that you do the evo-one classic remote programming sequence
answered Jun 8 by Jerome Thomassin (180 points)