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2020 Sierra 1500

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Just wondering when the update for the 2020 Sierra will be available ? Is it the same that the 2019 ? It looks the same for the wiring but not sure for the firmware.

asked Jun 6 in FAQ by Jerome Thomassin (180 points)

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There is a slight change in 2020. Firmware is in testing phase and will be out soon.
answered Jun 9 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (58,530 points)
Thanks !!
Hi! I saw on the installing guide of the 2019 Sierra 1500 , that now it's written 2019-2020 and that 70.40 firmware should be used, but on the Flashlink Manager only the 70.39 is available for now... mistake or just because the firmware is not ready yet?

Thanks, just to give an answer to my customer
Choose "View other firmwares", 70.40 is there.
Thats what I did, it wasnt there the other day, Ill recheck anyway.


thanks !!
Note, latest firmwares are only available on modules with a QR code.
Just tested it today on my customer 2020 Sierra 1500 Standard-Key, and it won't go over programming, I've reset the module a couple time, flash the firmware to 70.40, went in truck to program and after the 5 flash on yellow led and static yellow, turn the key On and it won't do anything else than yellow/red flashing 1x per second .


S/N : 001A07 111727

Evo-All is brand new , I've made like 5-6 firmware flash because of testing, could the module flash limit be reset please ? Since it's only been done for testing


Also I forgot to mention, engine of the truck is the I4 2.7L Turbo gasoline engine, could it be different from the classic 4.8L or 5.3L V8 ? Thanks again