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AUX1 behavior when set to latched

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Using a evo-one /w RF642W on a 2011 Camry.  I am wiring AUX1 to control defroster.  The negative aux1 output will be wired to the car’s main defroster relay.  I am activating options 25.6 “WHEN ACTIVATED, LATCH UNTIL REMOTE STARTER SHUTDOWN” and 39.2 “TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED”.  I want to know more how the evo-one acts in this state.  Specifically, could the user activate aux1 with the remote when the remote starter is not running?  I want to prevent the situation where the user inadvertently activates the defrost when the car is not running, draining the battery.  The 25.6  option says it will stay latched when the remote starter is activating, which is what I want.  However, how does it act when the remote starter is not running?  Thanks.
asked Jun 5 in Toyota by Mike Stanko (160 points)

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Since the car is not on, the defroster will not activate if the client activates aux1 manually. It will only work when remote started
answered 3 weeks ago by Robb (234,060 points)