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EVO One Module Not powering up after Parking Lights, horn and Door Lock Connection

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I just purchased an EVO one with a THAR-ONE-HON1 T-harness for a 2011 Honda CRV. I successfully programmed the module prior to installing it in the vehicle using the Fortin Flashlink V4. I installed the T-Harness onto the vehicle without connecting any of the horn, parking lights or door lock provisions at first, so that I can perform the key bypass procedure. I was able to set this up successfully with no issues. I even tested that the vehicle would be able to be started via the 3x lock procedure. All was perfect.


I then proceeded to connect the parking light connection along with the horn and door lock connections. All of the instructions were used based off of the 57711 guide. I also used the activation code for the wirecolor website prior to splicing any connections. I also verified with the colors with my service manual and all was good. After splicing into the factory connections for the horn, parking lights and the door lock, I proceeded to attempt the remote start procedure and the vehicle. The parking lights and horn worked flawlessly, the door lock however would not unlock. I had to manually open the door to unlock it. I then proceeded to turn off the vehicle, I figured maybe it was a glitch.


I then proceeded to attempt to remote start the vehicle again and this time the vehicle would not start. The module would not even light up, no color would show. The module seems to be dead now. I have verified all connections twice before splicing into the factory harness and then proceeded to verify another two times afterwards just to make sure that I did not accidentally wire anything incorrently. Everything is connected exactly as the instructions show. I'm not sure exactly what could've caused the module to stop working with everything being connected properly. Please help. Thank you!

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First would be to whip out the multimeter and ensure the unit is getting power and ground. Also try a new ground point.


Not saying it's this but... Most common on the CRV is wrong doorlock wires. Instead of grabbing the negative triggers it's way to common to grab directly the doorlock motors. Those are high +current and this mistake can damage the module.


Test for power and also see if the module connects to the flash link.
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And check for the red led on the back of the module. Not the top one. See if it flashes or is on solid. It's used to diagnos no starts. Your issue can be something simple like hood open or valet mode on.

Thank you, I will certainly verify this. There 3 things that I would suggest revising on the 57711 document, to avoid any future issues: 


  1. Pin E1 is not white on the T-Harness, it is a fused black wire. I did not use this wire.
  2. Pin A7 should show to what connector this goes to, there is really no reference besides the color.
  3. Pins A19 & A20, the door lock wires should also show what connector this goes to. It seems like this is a common issue according to your reply above, this should really be revised in the document to show more accurately where it goes.

Thanks again!

I'm not quite sure what happened to the module as I've verified every connection and everything is as it should be. To be sure, I verified with another unit that I have and all is well. I know that you reference the horn connection in the wirecolor website.


For future reference, here is the connector for the driver's door lock switch. The connector is brown and located in front left side of the relay box that's just above the foot rest on the driver's side. It's a bit of  a chore to get to as you have to remove the harness seal on the door jamb to get to it and disconnect it.


There will be a white connector and brown connector side by side, you will have to disconnect them both to be able to pull the brown connect back into the car and splice more comfortably.


EDIT: The image would not load. I have the image saved to my public dropbox folder: