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grand cherokee 2016 shuts down

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progrmaing went fine, decrypt as well, am running evo all Hardware 6 firmware 74.39 stand alone t harness on my grand cherokee 2016 , all i  need is the remote start using OEM key ( 3 CLICKS), the car now starts and shuts right away, am using the standard recommended options for standalone t harness, when i press the brake pedal its stays a bit longer then again shuts down, my car is not equipped with hood pin and i never grounded the dark blue wire, any recommendations?, beofre firmware update i was on 74.22, the car starts with the triple lock but wouldn't shut down.

VIN DA4RJ6DT5G4002762
asked May 1 in Jeep by Ahmed Abdelkader (130 points)
edited May 3 by Ahmed Abdelkader

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What is the service number written on the back of the module ?
answered May 3 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (57,960 points)
001A06  748171


and my question is now edited, tnx
Any clue?