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2018 Traverse will not start

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I used Guide 77231 to install the EVO-ALL  with the T harness on a 2018 Traverse.

The blue light is flashing on the EVO-ALL  but the vehicle will not start.

Does A10 and A20 need to be connected together for the vehicle to start?

I may have failed to do that.

Thanks, Bill
asked Feb 18, 2020 in Chevrolet by BILL MCHALEY (130 points)

2 Answers

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You may need to connect them. I would need the service number to the module to let you know if it is needed.
answered Feb 19, 2020 by Derek (210,840 points)
The S/N is 001A07 071188.

Your issue is that you still havent done the dcryptor process, meaning the in vehicle programming isnt finished.

I thought I did that, I will double check and let you know.
Thank you so much Derek.

I ran the dcryptor process and it loaded just fine, all is working.
Glad to hear!
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i want to intall  evo all on my 2018 traverse ls but icant get it to work precedure number 6 stay on yellow solid
answered 2 weeks ago by omar zapo (370 points)