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Constant beep after key is removed and door opened

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After parking my 05 handa civic (manual) turning the car off and removing the key, I open my door and there is this constant beep. It will stop when the door gets closed the beep stops. When opened again it continues.
asked Feb 2 in Honda by Lindsay Huneault (160 points)

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Sounds like an issue with the install or ground.

But... When ready mode is activated, the remote starter turns on the parking lights until the car shuts off. The beep you are hearing may simply be because the lights are on.
answered Feb 3 by Robb (237,690 points)
That's what I thought originally due to the fact that it does sound like the beep from the lights on. However I checked that and they are in fact off. If I start the car and move it then park it again it will go off....sometimes take a couple attempts...