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2015 Malibu will not shut down after remote start

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2015 Malibu flip key.  Evo all gmt1 installed.  Vehicle starts correctly with 3x lock.  Then will not shut down and will shift and drive without key in the ignition.   It will then run indefinitely. Does not shut down after the 15 minute run time.  Can not stop the engine from running unless I actually unplug the evo module from the vehicle.  While running the red light is on on the evo and does not respond to the key being inserted into the ignition, the brake pedal or the fob.  Brake lights function correctly on the car.  

sn: 001A07 065502
asked Jan 28 in Chevrolet by DAVID BARNES (250 points)

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So the yellow led is not on when it is remote started? If it is not, then that's why you are having shut down issues.


Things to test.. in no specific order. 

  • Turn option H2 ON. If not using an RF-KIT, simply turn H off. 
  • Flash version 70.35. 
  • Test the YELLOW wire. There needs to power there when key is on and when car is remote started.


Must be in PRO mode to manually change firmware or options when connected to the flash link. To get out of wizard mode, click the gear icon in the top right corner, then choose Go to Pro mode.



answered Jan 31 by Robb (237,690 points)
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