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EVO-ALL THAR-NIS1 (when the engine is running, the standard keychain does not work)

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I have Infiniti G37S coupe 2009 on the European market, everything is connected by the manual, but when the engine is running, the standard key fob does not work, you can open the car only with a metal key, just when you open the door, does the engine stall, what did I do wrong?
asked Dec 25, 2019 in Infiniti by Dzyanis Brynkevich (130 points)

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I have the same issie with Nissan Murano 2009 (installed Evo-All THAR-NIS1). I can start the remotly the car with 3x LOCK, but when the car is started, only can ulnock the car with the phisical key, and when open the door the engine stoped. I think the Europen cars have some feature or somthing that not allow to lock-unlock with oem fob(only from inside door button). When the cars is remotly started,  it can not stopped with 3XLOCK!

And before 2 days i have installed Fortin RFK411 Remote Kit. Now i can start and stoped with Fortin remote, but still can not unlock the car!
answered May 17, 2023 by Dobromir Dimitrov (450 points)