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Honda civic 06 EX standard Key. Car then remote started. OEM remote unlock is not working.

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Honda civic 06 EX standard Key.

Installed EVO One (updated with latest firmware1.24 aka 0.60, Hardware rev 4). D2 is off.

Wiring is according to the installation manual using Tharness Hon1, Rev 1.

Car remote startedusing 3x oem lock press. 3x lock stops the engine and then it unlocks the driver door.

If i remote start and then press unlock on OEM remote, it blinks the parking lights but will not unlock the door which is an issue.

I did connect the lock unlock wires on driver boot side clip. Also Tharness yellow wire is cut for IMMO + connections

SN 002B04 044514
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remote start with 3x lock.

Let it run and tell me if it unlocks by itself after 1-2-3 minutes.
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I tried this morning. I does not unlock. Wait time was 6-8 minutes.
ok good. Sounds like the car simply has ignition controlled door unlocking. Turn on option 6.5
Is there a way to enable OEM remote unlock and lock when car is remote started? Currently its not working
as long as the blue led flashes when locking or unlocking and that you connected the lock and unlock outputs,  you would be able to use the oem remote while the car is running under remote start.
I installed the Evo Start 2 today. It has the same behaviour. when the car is remote started then it wont lock/unlock through evo app. Once it stops then i can lock/unlock through app.

Also i noticed the the driver boot connections clip are wire numbers are 14 and 15in the install manual. where as my clip is 15 and 16 there is nothing on 14.I did make sure to tap Grey and Green wire.

when i ground wire 15 and 16 then lock unlock does not happen. Are there any other locations to look for lock unlock wire? other than driver boot clip?


Thank you once again for your help.
When the car is OFF , the module controls doorlocks through CAN-BUS.

When the car is ON , the module controls doorlocks through the ANALOG connections of the WHITE/BLACK and LIGHT BLUE wires.


The lock - unlock wires come from the driver door switch. Best spot to get them is at the driver door boot.  The door boot has 2 connectors. A white one and a blue one. You want the white one.   Unlock = gray , Lock = blue.  (smaller guage wires, not the big ones)


If you are on the right wires, then you can try connecting the PURPLE (lock) and PURPLE/WHITE (unlock) of the EVO instead of the two other ones to the vehicles wires. This would allow the evo-start to control lock and unlock but unfortunately not the OEM remote.


Also, if you are definitly on the proper wires, you can also simply try an older firmware, 73.28 and reprogramme the unit.