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remote start inop after installing rf kit

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i just installed evo-all with t harness on a 2014 rav4 push to start. Tested after install and all working. I installed a MyCar rf kit and installed/programmed per enclosed instruction and now remote start will not start car with factory remote or app. Lights come on and blink but does not start
asked Nov 30, 2019 in Toyota by scott robinson (130 points)

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If nothing works now, something with very wrong during pairing of the MYCAR to the EVO-ALL.


Make sure the EVO-ALL has option H2 enabled.

Make sure that the app has FORTIN selected as a remote starter 


Follow the proper programming procedure for pairing the mycar to the evo.

  1. Release on Blue and RED
  2. Press and Hold button on EVO. LEDs will turn OFF and back ON. Release when they turn back ON.
  3. Turn ignition ON. All three LEDs on evo will turn on.
  4. Technically, Mycar should send a command automatically to pair and evo will blink the red and blue once. If it does not, send a LOCK from the app
answered Dec 2, 2019 by Robb (234,130 points)