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Unit flashes 5 times with hood closed

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2010 toyota prius. Did install and it worked fine. Next day came back because it wont start. Lights flash 5 times indicating hood open. I disconnected hood switch and issue persists. Reprogrammed unit to the vehicle and it works again. Possibly bad unit? Service number 001a07 016839
asked Nov 25, 2019 in Toyota by Daniel Waslenko (2,640 points)

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2 reasons why you can get 5 flashes

  1. Module detects hood open via CAN
  2. DARK BLUE (A8) is at ground. 


answered Nov 25, 2019 by Robb (234,130 points)
Vehicle does not have factory hood pin. I even disconnect the dark blue wire and it still did it
Turn OFF A11
Ok, thanks