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Alarm works when door is opened

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1-OEM Alarm goes off when I unlock and open the door in kia sportag 2015 Standard key, EVO One.


2- Lighting around the key entrance no longer works



asked Sep 10, 2019 in Kia by Ahmed waly (130 points)

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what is the 12 digit service number?

what remote are you using to control the rmeote starter?


1- If you have 14.2 enable for alarm & remote start, turn it off (14.1).  The system will not be able to disarm from the OEM remote when the car is running


2- that is an installation issue. Check the installation and possibly the bulb is burnt.
answered Sep 10, 2019 by Robb (234,130 points)

I don't know 12 digit service number. leet me ask the seller If necessary

i using OEM remote

1-I did not understand the meaning? Did you mean that the original OEM remote cannot extinguish the OEM original alarm?

2- Is it normal to pay to visit this link?

The service number is written on the remote starter.


We cannot monitor the factory remote when the car is running. Therefore, if the alarm feature is enabled in the remote starter, you will not be able to disarm the evo alarm properly. 


No, the Question and Answer is free to use. Link is available from and