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Using thar-one-toy8 for thar-one-toy 6

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I have thar-one-toy 8 Harness which was purchased for 2013 Rav4 key to start. I took the unit out before selling my rav4. Now my new rav4 of same year is push to start and it requires thar-one-toy 6. Most of the connectors are same for this car as it is same model except connection to ignition. Can you please let me know modification required here. I will flash evo one for unit for push to start.

Thanks for your response.
asked 1 week ago in Toyota by akm (460 points)

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It a completely different wiring. There is no ignition harness on a push to start. You will need the TOY6


or, you can just wire it.

answered 1 week ago by Robb (197,430 points)
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Thanks Robb. I now bought Toy6 harness.