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remote start does not kill engine with no fob present and break is pressed also does not rearm alarm after start

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When I use the remote start the car will start and the doors will look but the factory alarm does not re-Arme. Also I can get into the car with out my key fob in my pocket and hit the break and drive off before if I did not have my key fobe in my pocket the car would shut down but all of a sudden it will stay running and drive away so anyone could steal my car once I remote start it
asked Sep 2, 2019 in Volkswagen by Anthony Donofrio (130 points)
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Year make and model of the vehicle will be required.


If the vehicle was remote started and we support takeover, if you unlock the vehicle with oem keyfob BEFORE entering the vehicle then it's normal for the vehicle to stay running.after stepping on the brake.
answered Sep 3, 2019 by Rico (52,490 points)
Even if I unlock with the ref kit ?
yes. When the module sees an unlock command from either the oem or aftermarket remote, this initiates the take-over thus telling the evo it's safe to leave the car running. All push to start vehicles do not require the oem key to physically be in the car when the car is already running.


The oem alarm will not itself while the car is already running.