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All three LEDs blink after releasing programing button

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2017 vw golf alltrack, build date 10/16. Using guide 82231.  After 3 attempts evo-all appeared to take program. Hazard lights flashed, brake lights came on, car would not start.  Removed evo-all and rlink, disconnected vehicle battery to clear any vehicle issues. Reconnected battery installed Rlink.  At step 5 turning on key, no blue led lite on evo-all.  After connecting data line and releasing programing button all 3 leds flash for 1 minute . Turn on key no blue led. Suggestions?
asked Aug 28, 2019 in Volkswagen by Darrell Smoker (140 points)

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what's the module 12 digit service number (s/n)?


Note: the rlink does not stay in the install, it's only there to program the module. Once programmed, replace the rlink with the TB-VW.
answered Aug 28, 2019 by Robb (229,010 points)
module sn 001A07 047147

build 06/19

had replaced rlink with tb-vw after I thought it had programmed.

rlink was in place when blue led would not light when turning ignition on.

Ok, you need to reflash your module and reset it since you already did 1 successful dcrpyor programming. The firmware on the initials flash and what is loaded into the unit after the dcryptor are two completely different things. 


reset procedure is here:


Note... you already did a successful dcryptor programming. If it was not working afterwards, the issue was elsewhere. Please call support if problem persists.