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Evo all without ft-d100

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Hello, latest compustar rf.kit listed on your website are equipped with the new antennas with built in decode, i bought a conpustar rf kit but the ft-d100 is not needed (like in the evo-one) i can connect directly the antenna to the blue plug of the t harnesses, btw i cannot select in the menu options of the evoall the firstech option in the rf kit tab (in evo one i can do it). Can u implement this function with the evo all? Thanks
asked Aug 27, 2019 in Toyota by paolo fast (820 points)

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The RF-KIT option in an EVO-ALL is in the regular menu. Scroll all the way down to option H and enable H6
answered Aug 27, 2019 by Robb (230,030 points)
Hello you should update the guide evoall with compustar rf kits. Now antennas have decoder built in so you can connect directly evo all.with antenna trough datalink or blue blue connector of t harnesses, (you have to swap pins before)


Btw i have arm disarm remote start confirmation but no alerts when a sensor dectect something or the alarm triggers. Is a evo all limit or a kit limit? Fortin kits receive alarms from evo all?

Thanks for the info. All the RF guides are in the process of getting reworked since the images of the flash link are not correct anymore. 


Is a evo all limit or a kit limit? Fortin kits receive alarms from evo all?

Although the fortin RF-KITs do not offer alarm notifications, only remote start notification, the EVO-START telematics device gives remote start, alarm, battery voltage, sensor trigger on both evo-one and evo-all. The evo-one also gives inside temperature. So, yes, the evo-all sends out the alarm triggers. 

If anything was changed in the firstech protocol, we will need to test it. 


Thanks, the only strange alarm notification i receive on my arctic start remote EDGE 2x is a TILT alarm evrytime i disarm the alarm. I think you should recheck trasmission protocol between evo-all and firstech .


Thank you

you can always add the MAX IT and do a Regular installation with the EVO and not a Stand Alone install. It's a basic remote start/alarm control unit with the edge 2x remote.  The remotes will get the info from their own control unit then.

Interesting but i think that my car is not tested with firstech system, toyota.chr hybrid version does not exist in Usa so i think it will not interface with the canbus.of my car. Fortin is the only company that produces alarm/remote system with my car


I have a chr 2017 hybrid, in usa uhr productions starts in the 2018 and they are petrol version.
the MAX IT is just a control unit. It's actually a Compustar CM7200. Everything will still be controlled by the EVO. That is how a typical install works, a remote starter/alarm brain + a bypass module (the evo).
Nice! This is a great news! So i will use the fortin as bypass and it will give all the information to the the Cm7000?, Obviously sensors, siren, hood pin,will be connected to the cm, evoall read the canbus and through the a16 will send the command for the remote start at the car. But how to connect evoall with the cm?

EVO-ALL reads the status and sends them to the alarm through DATALINK or wired connections. See the REGULAR installation guide.


All you need to do with your EVO is turn OFF option D1 so that it is not a stand alone rmeote starter, and turn off option G. 

Sorry i dont understand, in regular installation the evo all is connected to an external remote starter, but i have to use the evo remote starter not the cm7000, so the info to the cm7000 (parking light, open/lock doors, ignition) but the cm7000 will send the command to remote start the car to the evoall.
unfortunately i cannot explain the basics of a remote start system. We are not here to teach, only to troubleshoot.


I can only say that a regular installation involves a a remote starter control unit and a bypass module. How the car is started is different on a car per car basis. In your case, the CM7200 is the control unit that will tell the evo to do its thing. The CM7200 receives statuses such as door status, brake, tach.