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Horn alarm not workin, light problem

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When opening doors without remote only DRL is flashing but no horn sound , even shrips activated on setting with opening and closure of the car but not working also, another problem front head light is opearting and shutting off and keep doing this untill i turn button to manual light , another problem also center lock open all doors after car has been switched off from remote, buick regal 2016 not equibed with alarm
asked 3 weeks ago in Buick by Mohamed Ali (140 points)

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If this regal is stand key model, and if you are using the OEM remote only to control the system and you enable the EVO-ALARM, you will not be able to properly disarm the alarm. Turn OFF option G if it's on.
answered 3 weeks ago by Robb (197,430 points)
Those are 2 very different remotes but the installation is the same. RFA2A is not needed with the GM6 harness because the antenna plugs into the blue connector.


912 is a 2way remote running on LoRa and has a range of over 3000ft

411 is a 1 way remote, 900mHz with a range of 2000ft
​if i want to put security flashig led, how to wire it to the system ?
You can use the starter kill output
which color wire and which no, A5 isn't it ?
white, A5 , correct