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Car not starting with remote after performing manual transmission sequence.

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2019 Kia Forte (Manual Transmission)


Hi, I installed everything and got to program the module and the 2 fortin key fobs. Then proceeded to perform the manual transmission sequence. My parking light did flash once and stayed on. The car kept running until I got out and closed the door again. So everything is good there I assume. Now trying to start the car with the remotes and my parking lights stay on for a long time then shuts off. no noise or anything. 
**I did not cut the loop on the module**

What do I need to do?

Is there a manual transmission wiring that I dont know about?

asked Aug 13 in Kia by Pheaktra Mom (470 points)

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Did you wire in the clutch bypass?
answered Aug 13 by Derek (160,350 points)
selected Aug 22 by Pheaktra Mom
I did not! Thats what I thought too, to bypass the clutch because I couldnt find the wiring diagram for the manual transmission. Where can I find it?

Im guessing I can just take the E1 wire (white) and tap it on somewhere in the clutch?
E1 can be programmed to be a start output - option 2.3

The clutch is (+) trigger, should be red/orange at the clutch switch. TEST first.