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2014 RAM 1500 Quad Cab with AutoStart AS-2481TWS and Fortin EVO-ALL

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I’m not sure which wiring diagram I should be using for a 2014 RAM 1500 Quad Cab with an AutoStart AS-2481TWS Remote started and an EVO-ALL.  It uses a tip key.  I bought the truck from dealer and only has OEM Remote. Unsure if this wired correctly by the previous owner because I couldn’t command start.  I have Fortin Link Manager and updated firmware to latest.  Now I can hit Lock x3 and I hear the relay engage but then I hear what seems to be the ABS module engage but the engine does t crank.  Any help would be great!
asked Aug 9 in Ram by Robert Martin (130 points)

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This would be the installation guide using the evo-all and a remote starter following the hardwired method:


**Please note a 1 Amp diode is required for the ignition output of the remote starter as well as a 1k ohm resistor for parking light activation. 


answered Aug 12 by Derek (159,680 points)