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If I wanted to view ALL of the available configurable EVO-ONE settings, how can I do so?

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When I was setting up my EVO-ONE, I noticed that there were a lot of configurable settings presented when the device was connected through the Flashlink Manager. Since the device is currently installed neatly in the car, is there a way that I can view the universe of configurable settings without the device being connected to the Flashlink manager? I am really just looking for an offline list of some kind. For instance, I remember having to enable setting 38.2 for remote start.
asked Aug 2 in Subaru by Chris cella (160 points)

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answered Aug 2 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (51,270 points)
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and here


(get rid of the "cdn02." if the link does not work)

answered Aug 2 by Robb (216,510 points)