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Siren alarm ok but no chirp confirmation

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Evo-all with toyota c-hr 2017 hybrid. I used this guide to install it :

Evrything works cool.

Today i installed a siren too, using this guide

I have turn on option G and Evo alarm. Indeed siren works when i open the door from inside but i have not confirmation chirps on lock / unlock. could u help me? Thanks.
asked Jul 29 in Toyota by paolo fast (820 points)

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What is the service number to the module?
answered Jul 29 by Derek (159,680 points)
selected Jul 31 by Derek

Hello derek , thx for answer:

001A06 753794

Are you using the factory remote as the controller for the evo?
Yes i do

this is why you are not geeting a chirp. The chirp confirmation only works with an RF kit not the OEM remote.

Thx , 


This rf kit will do.the trick? Or i need a fortin kit? 


Fortin is easier in my opinion. I do not see that model listed on the compustar part of our rf kit section. So it is untested at this time.

I see that model on your rf kit list , btw your fortin kit has not display, so if i forget to activate the alarm and i m far away from my car the display helps me , but without display i have to come back to the car to be sure i closed it
if it is listed then you can use it, be sure you have all the necessary accessories to go with it.
Yeah i need the ft-d100 too. Thx for help