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Evo one stuck in step #4

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I installed evo one on my 2010nissan altima ,, while i am programming , yellow light doesn’t flashing after pressed two time on program button

i installed it with nis t harness

The latest firmware 72.39 installed on the module

how can i solve this issue and program it well
asked Jul 29 in Nissan by abdulaziz alahmad (130 points)

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This would indicate you either have the wrong firmware in the module or (if connected in your car) the yellow wire on the 20 pin connector already has voltage before the key is turned on.


All the module needs to enter a mode is the correct firmware and power and ground. 

answered Jul 29 by Derek (159,360 points)
Dear what is the best software for altima 2010 push to start

i checked the yellow wire using a multimeter it read 0 volts when ignition is off and 12 while ignition is on


my software is 72.39 latest version and recommended by Flashlink manager
click view other firmwares and select  an older version 72.37 for example.