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MERCEDES C36 W202 1997

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if i bought wrong product, please advise. I will purchase correct module, since i have 2 fortin module's & on website there is application available for 1993-2000 Mercedes, but not available on website, which makes me believe that the evo all should work with activation code provided. If not, might as well get a refund with that answer?...Please respond to solutions, or anybody that knows fortin product's used in later years mbz. bmw e36 m3, mbz c32, ml55, vw mk1

asked 3 weeks ago in Mercedes-Benz by MAKAVELI ALCALDE (160 points)

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We do not list any products for that vehicle. I would suggest returning the module at the point of purhcase.
answered 3 weeks ago by Derek (145,910 points)
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wirecolor and are two diferent things.


wirecolor is used by installers to locate vehicle wiring. If a vehicle is on wirecolor it does not mean that fortin has any compatible modules for the car selected.
answered 3 weeks ago by Robb (193,040 points)
got it, thx. fortin fwded to this link. i finally figured out.