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All three lights are blinking even holding the programming button.

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I make sure all the connections are right. The three lights are blinking as soon I Conectate the red, black conector. Even tho I press and hold the programming button. The only cables I’m not using are the hood pin and there are two other cables I’m not sure. The brown/white and another cable coming from harness driver side that goes to the parking light relay, are those mandatory for this installation?
asked 3 weeks ago in Ford by Jhon Vargas (140 points)

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Sounds like the evo is not flashed.


What is the service number?
answered 3 weeks ago by Derek (145,910 points)

The label says S/N: 001A07 001890. What do I have to do to flash it

here is a pic of the label 

Your module is not flashed.


You must flash it before trying to program it in the vehicle.
Ok, so how do I do that. Do I need to buy the flash-link updater? And thanks for your help
yes, you need the flash link updater to flash the module.