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Cannot get my EVO-ALL to work with a Encore E6 Remote start

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2010 Chev Silverado 2500 basic Key

Encore E6 Remote starter. with RS232 serial Idatalink

EVO-ALL Harware 6.0 , Firmware 70.[36]


I'll start from the begining.  I installed everything acording to fortins Guide #59041.  I wired everything up and since this truck doesn't even have power locks so I installed actuators and relays ran off the remote start car alarm(which work fine).

Programed the EVO but was not working at step 4 where you turn the key to IGN.  The led would not flash blue.  I tried a few times and it would not work.  Pulled it out and checked settings with the Flashlink and everything looked OK.  Went back out and tried again, this time it worked.  Back to the Flashlink to dcryptor which seemed to work.  Back to truck to give it a try and no remote start.  No lights at all on the EVO even when pressing the remote start button or door lock buttons.  The truck will still start with the key.  I tried the F1 and F2 protocals for the datalink but it's the same.  The Encore says it won't try to remote start without neutral safety grounded, hood pin not grounded, brake pedel no 12v.  All these i believe should come from the EVO-ALL.  I don't think it is communicating.  Any Ideas?
asked Jul 12 in Chevrolet by Ken Toizumi (180 points)

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Just noticed there was a new firmware 70.[37] and updated.  I hooked up the EVO and did a databus reset on the R6 remote starter for the hell of it.  Still wount remote start and no led eluminate when trying but now it does light up yellow in the middle when the key is turned on.
answered Jul 12 by Ken Toizumi (180 points)
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What is the service number to the module?


Sounds like the evo is not being activated  by the encore piece.

When you hit remote start button on your encore remote, the red led should turn on on the evo. If it does not vrify the Ground While running  as well as confirm you have set both modules into the same protocol.

The evo will supply brake status, tach, door locks, door status and emergency brake status. . It will NOT supply the status information for neutral saftey switch. But again these will only work if you have set the protocols between the 2 units accordingly.
answered Jul 12 by Derek (155,130 points)
#001A06 865227

Acording to the guide I do not need to wire "ground while running" between the remote starter and the EVO if I use the datalink.  The only wires the guide says i need on the remote starter is IGN, ACC, Park Light, 12V, Ground, and datalink.  Is that wrong?


Do you happen to know which data protocal the Encore E6 uses?  All the E6 manual says is RS232 serial Idatalink. I have tried the F1 and F2 protocals.
Correct, you dont need it if the data works prooerply. In your case the data is not working properly by the sound of things, so making this connection may help you troubleshoot the issue.....


I do not know off hand what the default protocol is for an encore E6.