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2016 F150 XLT Std Key EVO-ALL w/ Fort3 Standalone Mode C1 & D1 Options Good--No Start

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I am in the process of installing an EVO-ALL device with a Fort3 cable into a 2016 F150 XLT with standard key.

  1. The module programmed correctly.
  2. The hood is definitely closed.
  3. When attempting to remote start using a LOCK, UNLOCK, LOCK sequence the BLUE LED flashes once with each LOCK button press and twice with the UNLOCK button press.
  4. After the third (LOCK) button press the LEDs go through a flashing sequence that ends with a pause (no LEDs lit) followed by three quick flashes of the RED LED which I understand means NO TACH.

I verified that options C1 and D1 have been turned ON by doing the following:

  1. I grounded the A8 pin of the 20 pin connector.  The RED LED did NOT light so option D1 should be on.
  2. I momentarily grounded the A13 pin of the 20 pin connector.  The LEDs went through a flashing sequence very similar if not identical to the one that they go through when attempting a LOCK, UNLOCK, LOCK type remote start.  The flashing sequence ended with the same pause (no LEDs lit) followed by three flashes of the RED LED which I understand means NO TACH.


Any ideas?


asked Jul 8 in Ford by Robert Smith (130 points)

1 Answer

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What is the service number to the module? It is located on the back of the evo.
answered Jul 8 by Derek (154,780 points)
From the back of the device:

Model: EVO-ALL

DATE: 05/2019

SN 001A07 041084

I see this is a start-x product. This company has asked us to direct any issues directly to them on there tech support page:



I have been dealing with them directly.  However, they are out of ideas and specifically asked that I contact you.  If you contact start-x for verification please use the name that is embedded in my email address as my screen name is NOT my real name.
If that is the case, I suggest calling us when you have the module and vehicle so we can go through the issue on the spot.



8-6 EST