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Toyota Rav 2019

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hello I have the EVO-ALL connect all the cables as the manual says
I have the Smart Phone Module but it does not block my doors if I unlock it that is wrong in the module
asked Jul 4 in Toyota by Reinier Alvarez (130 points)

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Which telematics antenna did you install with the Evo-All? Also please provide the 12 digit service number of the evo module here.
answered Jul 4 by Rico (52,140 points)
hello I have this antenna VS-4LU Mycar 4g-lte Smartphone Remote Start and the number that you ask me do not know where to look for it because the evo-all I bought them online to the company ( 5 days ago could you help me

12 volt solutions has a contact us page and a good tech support team.


They offer their own support as the products are modified by them before sending it out to end consumers and do not alwasy reflect the same documention fortin will have.


I would suggest contacting there support team first. 

1-888-880-8838 or write them on there contact us