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2015 Chevy Colorado does not show any display and does not start after pressing the lock button 3'x.

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Followed the videos and instructions, but when I try to start it with the remote, Nothing lights up on the radio display like and it doesn't start at all after 3 to 5 seconds.  No OEM remote start, do I need a install a OEM remote start for this to work?  EVO-GMT1, programming the Evo-All was easy and is up to date.  But still does not remote start.

Service #001A06 897593
asked Jun 23 in Chevrolet by Allan Materne (190 points)
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What is the service number to the evo? The service number is located on the back of the evo-all itself.
answered Jun 25 by Derek (154,780 points)
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Please see edited info above.  Thanks for any help you can provide.
When you press lock on the oem remote what do the led's on the evo do?
The blue led blinks once as I press the lock button.

try flashing the evo to 4.12 and connecting to on the 20 pin then re test in the vehicle. As shown on page 7.


Thank you!  It’s working now.