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doors relock after remote start shutdown

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2013 F-150

i have option checked to shutdown remote start upon opening a door foot brake off

problem 1 without this option checked the remote start never shut down till timer ran out even after turning ignition on and back off i was afraid it would shut off engine while driving if i left the shutdown option off.    i was trying to get away from restarting engine a 2nd time after remote start.

problem 2 after remote start doors relock and arm anti theft if i key unlock door and enter vehicle remote starter shutsdown but then 15-20 sec later the doors relock, this seems like a negative feature that could lock you out of vehicle accidently

any info on these 2 things would be appreciated and make this setup more enjoyable

thanks Brian
asked 2 weeks ago in Ford by Brian Ammerman (160 points)

1 Answer

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What is the service number to the module?
answered 2 weeks ago by Derek (140,150 points)