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2015 RAM 1500 Push to start never gets to step 5 (Stays solid yellow)

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I have completed a master reset, and programming just the CAN-BUS works properly.  When pressing the ignition button (push to start) the unit never goes red.  (The documentation that came with mine shows a keyed unit, so I'm going by another guide I found saying to hold the fob up to the push-to-start button and push it twice.)
I have reprogrammed the unit a number of different ways (including everything off but the two 'recommended') and still no luck.  Right now I have A3 A7 D6 as the only ones enabled and it still just stays yellow.
asked 2 weeks ago in Ram by Jim Forster (180 points)
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If you plug in only the red connector on the evo are you able to start the vehicle using the oem fob with no batteries inside it?
answered 2 weeks ago by Derek (138,760 points)
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I was being impatient getting it to see the key.  It took a few attempts, but it did finally pick it up.   Now everything kicks on as it should, just doesn't try to start unless I step on the brake.  (So it starts for like 3 seconds)

If it only starts when you press the brake pedal I would veirfy the connection made to the brake switch. This is how the evo replicates the brake signal.

That was it - thanks Derek!
They sent me the wrong guide and wirecolor claims my code was already used - so this has been quite an adventure.  :D
Glad you got it going!