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Vehicle only starts when GWR is reconnected

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i have successfully programmed the EVO-ALL with my 2014 Jeep Wrangler, manual transmission but using a third party Passive keyless entry system. Because the remote starter does not have any ground while running (GWR), i needed to convert the Brown/White hand brake wire to the ground while running, using the flashlink manager. IT FINALLY WORKS!!! GREAT!!!!


Now to the problem. The vehicle will start and then shut down but then when i try to restart, the yellow and red light on the EVO turn on. the vehicle will not start. The only way i can get the vehicle to start is by disconnecting the GWR and reconnecting, then i will get only the red led and the vehicle will start (and the yellow turns on). then the vehicle will turn off, and the only way i can get it back on is to disconnect and reconnect the GWR.


Any thoughs?? Please help. This has been going on for months.
asked May 10, 2019 in Jeep by Anthony Minaudo (190 points)

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The brown/white is a parking light output, not a GWR output. You should probably contact the manufacturer of your remote keyless entry system for assistance. Of course if the GWR is activated on the EVOALL it will prevent the vehicle from starting with the key.
answered May 12, 2019 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (58,110 points)

Sorry but i dont understand what you mean by the brown/white being for parking lights. As per this instruction connection B: the brown/white is for the hand brake. Please clarify.

Also, as per the user guide, enabling option E2 from the flashlink manager enables the brown/white as the run status. Again, THIS SETUP WORKS ONLY WHEN RECONNECETING THE DARK BLUE AND BROWN/WHITE ON THE FORTIN

E2 RUN STATUS* EVO-ALL ONLY Transform the Brown/White Out A14 into an extended Run Status Output.

the manufacturer of the keyless entry system suggests there is no GWR. Seeing as how its the Fortin that requires this connection (AND IT WORKS WHEN IT GETS RECONNECTED), it makes sense there is a configuration to bypass internally. This is why i believe the E2 option is available (although i also believe it is not working properly). MAybe i have the wrong understanding and i actually need to disconnect the cable when exiting the vehicle but it doesnt make sense to have this setup if true. my expectation is that the dark blue GWR would connect to the brown/white and if the E2 option is enabled, the fortin module will handle the connect/disconnect between wires, especially when its only required internally. 

Please share your thoughts. 

No the brown/white must not be used in this application. There must be an activation output on your keyless module, that would activate the EVOALL by the dark blue input wire.
Unforutnately there is not and I've been stuck on this project for months. Im considering that i may use a relay to the ignition/ACC to get this sorted.


It would be helpful to understand what the option E2 is meant for and how it should work. It is not clear what the functions of this option are and how i can use the fortin module to generate my run status output.


Is there a wire on the EVOALL  i can use to replicate the GWR connection?


Any indication why this connection is required or if its possible to disable?
GWR is the basic of all remote starters. It's an output from a remote starter brain that will activate a bypass module. It is up to your starter to provide a GWR output for the bypass GWR input.


E2 is a special feature for 1 distributor unrelated to anything remote start. It will not provide a GWR output. You cannot use the EVO to activate itself. That's up to the remote starter.