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key fob inop with engine running

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i have a 2019 kia sorento with the evo 1 and RF kit RF642W.  the remote start works correctly although i did have to wire A1 yellow wire to ignition in order to get the evo1 to program.  my question is the factory key fob does not function once the vechicle is running so i have to unlock the door manually.  the other question is the unlock and lock functions on the add-on RF fob do not work and to me it looked like it uses the can network for that.  is there any fixes for this?
asked Apr 3 in Kia by matthew miller (130 points)

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Did you perform the CUT1 & CUT2 connections shown in the guide?

answered Apr 3 by Derek (143,850 points)

flash and options look ok to me...

Next try flashing 76.47 into the bypass and re program it in the vehicle and test. 


So just to recap as this is a long thread:

You have:

-Verfied both cuts by pin position. 

-Also verified you cut the wire wire on the t-harness (if used) as indiciated in the guide.


-OEM fob is dead when engine is running on remote starter. 

-RF kit "i did notice that if you use the add on remote the lock button unlocks the vechicle but the unlock does nothing"


yes that is correct also is 76.47 the latest firmware because i just updated it to the latest level  the other day on the bypass and the remote start of the evo 1.  i also programmed the module to the vechicle after doing the update and it was no help
So are you waiting for more info from me I'm guessing
At this point I would suggest calling into tech support when you have the module, vehicle and time to troubleshoot the issue live on the spot.



8-6 EST

ok well not sure when that would be since i work m-f 8-6