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Is trunk release connection needed and why? 2019 pts rav4

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Is trunk release connection needed and why? On 2019 rav4 pts. Auto lights interruption only needed if i want idle mode? What optins do i need to set to use my car telematics? Do you guys recommend soldering or just wrap and tape?
asked Mar 28 in Toyota by julio pelayo (1,100 points)

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Trunk release is needed only if you want the tailgate to open from your my car piece.

If using an evo-all in stand alone with mycar telematics you would enable option H2-Fortin2 under supported rf kits.
answered 3 weeks ago by Derek (132,890 points)
selected 3 weeks ago by julio pelayo
Thank you. Are lock unlock connection needed for stanalone or will it work with just connecting 5 wires? Can low can high 12v ignition and steering lock? And of course ground
Lock and Unlock are required.