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Evo-Fort2 2018 Ford F-150 STX ignition power, no start

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Programming successful except for final step. Vehicle power comes on but vehicle does not try to start. I see on the diagram there is a "rs6 in/out ignition +" coming from the yellow A1, I dont know where that wire goes besides to the T-harness. My vehicle seems to be activated by the Evo module, and won't allow key start once that occurs, and won't disable by pressing the brake. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I did the can high and low taps at the odb, I have a factory hood switch, all light in the programming match instructions, until the point where it's supposed to turn on and then turn back off. Help!!
asked Mar 26 in Ford by Matthew Sidney (160 points)

1 Answer

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What is the service number to the module?
answered Mar 27 by Derek (132,890 points)
001A06xxxxxx. Thanks a lot
Your module is not flashed properly.


Please conncet it to the flash link updater and flash and configure the module according the the vehicle you are working on.
Thanks for the answer. I'm just a consumer, bought this as an advertised plug and play for my vehicle. I guess I was duped, I have no need to own an updater as I'm not a shop or vendor. Damn......