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Hi! I am installing an EVO-ALL (Service # 001A06900920) with a T-Harness in a Q50 3.7 V6 sold in Mexico and after connected it, following all the instructions and did the DCRYPTOR, the car didn´t start. When I press the lock button in the OEM remote control, the blue led flash, and after I pressed the 3th time the yellow and red keep on, later on the red turn off. But the car didnt start, and in the cluster I received the message of "Warning - Malfunction" See Owner´s Manual. And then I can not release the stop botton. All the light keep on on the display. The only way to release the stop, is desconecting the 6 PIN Red connector. I would like to recevie your feedback about what could be wrong.

Thanks in advance
asked Mar 24 in Infiniti by Gerardo Garza (130 points)

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Master reset the evo


Then re program/dcrypt and re enable options. 


Make sure when you are testing you are not inside the car with keys. All doors hood trunk closed. 

answered Mar 25 by Derek (132,390 points)
Hi! I follow the Master reset snf I did the re program but when I tryed to do the dcrypt, it couldn´t go thru, I recived a message "DCRYPTOR´S LIMIT HAS BEEN REACHED FOR THIS CAR" . So what is next? What can I do?
I will get it reset for you. It should be done by end of day.
Dcryptors is now working, I finish the procedure and now the failure that I have is that the car doesnt start and it is showing me in the display the message of "Key System Error" and I can not tart the car even pushing the start button. What else Can I do?
Verify all connectors are properly seated, no bent pins, no bent fuses.
I check all pins, even the T-Harness and the module and I didnt find anything wrong, also I did again the master reset, and re-programing the module, and the same, the car didnt start and the display is showing a Warrning "Key System Error"  What do you suggest as next step? Thanks in advance!
Does the car at least start normally now?

After disconnect the EVO-ALL module yes. And then, when I did all the procedure again and connected the module, I didnt try to start the car with remotly, I just started and drive it but Then the accesory power wouldn’t shut off until I unplugged the Fortin

At this point I would suggest calling tech support.
I sent you my problem with 2015 Q50 earlier exactly similar than this


i did everything righr as issreucted but the vhiecle did start and i got the same error in the dash


I’m professional and qualified technician i have my shop installing evo-all to nissan and infinite cars semi daily but with Q50 I’m sure you have failure in manufacture ot software and your support is very poor


please we need professional qualifies to help us in this problem we lost a lot of money and time with no benefits
Support is always more challenging when going back and forth through messages.

Looking at our reporting system, I have had 0 reports of an issue such as you are describing.

As suggested above please call tech support when you have the vehicle and module with you so we can troubleshoot the issue on the spot over the phone.




8:00-5:00 EST.