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Fortin EVO-FORT4 with parking light relay throws Brake Lamp Fault

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Installed EVO-FORT4 with RG642W remote kit. Added Metro E5000 SPDT relay and (2) 3-amp diodes to have parking lights come on when autostart. Everything works fine, except when using the autostart the right rear taillight is dim and get the brake light fault showing on the information center. Does not do this when just using the key to start.

I do have the 12v+ with 10a fused to the relay. And the (2) 3a diodes tied to the purple/green parking lights + going to the relay. And finally the - from the relay to the brown/white to the EVO module.

Any idea what is causing the dim/fault message on the display?
asked Mar 14, 2019 in Ford by Jason Olson (160 points)

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Were the two Purple/Green wires tested before connecting anything to them?


If you try to activate the parklings lights yourself by grounding the (-) input to the relay, do the lights turn on?
answered Mar 14, 2019 by Robb (232,460 points)
They were not tested, as the battery was disconnected during the installation.


I will test the activation of the lights when I get the car back. So grounding the negative input of the relay should turn the lights on (bypassing the Evo module)?


Test the wires though. You don't want to be sending 12V into a ground circuit.

after checking the vehicles wiring schematics. Purple/Green is used for both Left and Right Park light and BRake circuits. 



Right and the install instructions have a 3a diode coming off each wire. So possibly the diode for the pass side is faulty or connection issue I'm thinking.