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infiniti m35x evo all does not program

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hello, I just installed an evo all in an infiniti m35x 2006, I have made all the corresponding connections but at the time of programming I find a problem, the instructions say that at the moment the blue light of the evo there is set flashing (last step) press the start button to turn off the vehicle and at that moment the blue light should turn off, but the problem is that it turns off but immediately the yellow and red light start to flash intermittently without stopping and so the evo remains all alone until I completely disconnect, what can I do, i checked the cam hight the cam low and the other connections and I notice all of them well.
Service Number : 001a06425252
asked 5 days ago in Infiniti by Nodier Vallejo (410 points)

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Be sure you are following this guide:


Also, flash the module for 4.18, it should work just fine with that version.
answered 5 days ago by Derek (127,510 points)