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Does engine have to cool down before I can remote start my car again?

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My car (2013 Cruze) started last night and I drove it home.  Once home I tried to start it again but it wouldn't.  This morning it started fine and I drove to work.  Once at work I tried to remote start it after 15 minutes of sitting but would not start.  Is that normal?  I didn't know if the engine had to cool down for it to remote start again.  Thanks!
asked Feb 5 in Chevrolet by Christina Cohoon (160 points)

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No, the engine temperature have no effect on remote starter functionnality. When it doesn't start what exactly happen ?
answered Feb 5 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (49,670 points)
The door unlocks then locks, the dash lights come on, the seatbelt dings then the lights go off, the check engine light stays on then there is a click and goes off.  The red led flashes rapidly then it tries to start again, red led flashes rapidly then door locks and red led flashes 3 times I believe.  If I let the vehicle sit for a period of time it starts.  I just recently installed it.  Thanks!
What is the service number on the module ? Are you using EVOALL or EVOONE ? Is the vehicle standard transmission or automatic ?




Last night it started fine at work.  Warmed up for 10ish minutes, drove home 15 minutes tops, shut it off, got out locked it and tried to restart but would not.  Tried every 15 minutes and finally started after sitting for an hour and a half.  So strange!
Maybe the Evo is in a location where its getting hot and needs to cool down. I assume its under the dash where floor vents are. Run heat to top side to see if maybe that is the issue.
I dont' think so.  We just have it tucked in a little "cubby" right now.

I don't have a hoodpin so should I remove that wire from the 20 pin?  Could that be throwing something?
Were you able to think of anything else I could try?
Figured it out.  The light blue wire was not connected to the light blue black wire.