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2019 Tundra Evo-One with OEM alarm system operation

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What is the alarm priority when using an Evo-One with the Toyota factory alarm?

From what I can tell when locking the truck the Evo just arms the OEM system but does not appear to trigger any alarms itself.  Of course it does function as a remote start system but I am not sure that it adds any alarm functionality in this configuration.

Currently I have not connected a siren to the alarm but I am guessing that all that will do is to sound the siren when the shock sensor is acitvated.

Exactly how does the Evo work in this confirguration?
asked Feb 1 in Toyota by Michael LaCaze (280 points)

1 Answer

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If you are using the oem remote to control the evo, you wont see anything different but in general, the evo can control arming and disarming the oem alarm.


You can also enable the EVO-ONE alarm by turning on option 14.2. Your truck will then have 2 alarms... the oem and the evo.. horn or aftermarket siren connection required to hear the evo ringing when the alarm triggers.
answered Feb 1 by Robb (193,040 points)