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2013 Grand Caravan tire pressure light comes on momentarily when key is inserted

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I installed an EVO-ALL with the T-Harness in Standalone mode in a 2013 Grand Caravan.  It works great except for one minor issue.  After remote starting the vehicle, when I get in with it still running and put the key in and turn it to run, the tire pressure warning message lights in the information display briefly, then disappears.  I installed the latest firmware on the EVO-ALL.  Has anyone else seen this and what, if anything, can be done about it.  Thanks in advance.

I didn't record the service # prior to installation.
asked Jan 5, 2014 in Dodge by Ken Turner (270 points)

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Hi Ken,


Dont worry, when you turn your key to the on position it power the TPMS module that check for Tire pressure and then the light go away.

It is not a malfunction.


Have a nice day.
answered Jan 6, 2014 by Charles Beauchamp (8,970 points)
selected Jan 7, 2014 by Ken Turner
hi charles,


I am having exactly same issue with 2010 dodge grand caravan after remote start when i get in the car and put the key to on position it shows Low tire pressure message on display  and then go off but no telltale light come on only low tire pressure message. Also red security light comes on at same time and goes off.


Is that normal procedure after installation fortin evo all and remote starter?

How to explain this to customer ? they think something is malfunction?
The vehicle is detecting the key that is inserted by the customer when doing takeover.

The same lights turn on when starting the vehicle with the key.
Thanks Mathleu ..

Red dot security light make sense that it turns on and goes off that normal procedure when system sensing car key.

But why it shows low tire pressure message  in display area for a moment and then disappear thats what bothering my client.
The TPMS light does the exact same procedure when starting with the key normally.