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After install, will I still be able to use my OBD11 port like normal?

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At the end of this month I'll be getting my Evo-All installed and I cannot wait! But quick question, since the T-Harness connects to the back of my OBD11 Port, after install can I still use the port to tune my Mustang? I have been data-logging with a company to get my custom tune just right, and I want to make sure I'll still be able to use the port to upload the file to my car?

Thanks so much in advance!!
asked Jan 9 in Ford by Kevin Melone (410 points)

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Yes sure the system will not affect your data logging.
answered Jan 10 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (49,520 points)
selected Jan 22 by Kevin Melone
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If you use the T-Harness it also comes with a OBD2 Port for the Can Bus connection. You should be able to use it as you do the original without any problems.
answered Jan 19 by Gary Fowler (480 points)